As Seen On TV Easy Tomato Slicer

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Extremely Easy to Use and Clean
Incredible Time Saver No Assembly Required
Most Dependable Design with Sturdy Build
The Best Slicer to Create Excellent Tomato Pieces

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Tomatoes have great health value and are often used as a garnish food decoration. As they’re rather soft and squishy, you wouldn’t want to press down on the fruit too hard when cutting, lest it becomes mushy and is reduced to a dripping mess that nobody wants to deal with. That’s the cue tomato Slicer to come to the rescue. This handy equipment will act like a tomato separator, which enables you to slice the tomatoes up to 13 uniform pieces without touching the fruits at all. Simply place the tomato between the two jaws, place it on a flat surface, and slice the fruit with a sharp knife through the dividers. The tomato pieces will be clean-cut and firm, with no more unappealing gooey juice dripping all over. This super kitchen tool is also suitable for onions, potatoes, etc. One slicer for many! Our product is easy to wash, and has been smartly designed with sturdy build, meaning that the base will not slide around the counter. The ABS material is highly durable and will not contaminate your fruits, as it is eco-friendly.