General Queation

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, yes including AMEX.

So, how much is the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping on all items.

How do I know you really shipped my order?

Don’t worry. After completing the order process, you will receive a tracking number of your order.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry as of now we don’t.

When you have new items, how do I get updated?

Once you are a member of the site, we will send you updates through email when we have new items.

I want to send the item as gift. Can you do that for me?

Yes, we can. Add the new address on the account details and specify the delivery location upon order.

What if I change address? Can I have it changed here as well?

Unfortunately we cannot change anything after the order is confirmed.

If I want my item returned, can I do that?

If it’s damaged, defective, or just DOA, we’ll either refund or replace it at our discretion. Use our contact page and let us know the issue well be happy to help out. Due to the deeply discounted prices We DO NOT accept returns if you just decided you didn’t want it, don’t like the color, or just feeling a little buyer’s remorse.

Okay, all this sounds cool and I just placed an order when should I expect it?

Well, if you have gone this far to take the time to read the FAQ, then, you’re just a few steps closer to creating an account and getting the full advantage of the website’s features.

I am just passing by. Is it necessary to create an account?

We ask for a maximum of 12 days to recieve your order, but usually take 3-5 days were just as excited as you are to get this package out to you.

What’s with the Angrysale name?

We liked that name. It shows how angry our competitors are because they can’t get the same deals also heck the name just quantifies the level of excitement you can feel when you see our cool products. The items are so nice and the prices are insane in a good way, of course .

How did you come up with this concept?

We got bored had nothing better to do, we wanted to show we can do it better than the others so we established this online store out of a great need to feature a collection of state of the art products with the best price deals possible.

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